1. Introduction:

Alliance Memory, Inc. acquired the Fast Asynchronous Product line from Alliance Semiconductor. The acquisition includes manufacturing rights, mask sets, IP, design database, the patent rights and the Fast SRAM inventory. The product line-up includes densities ranging from 64k to 4M Fast SRAM in both the x8 and x16 configuration. The company strategy will focus on these "legacy" memories to support the industrial and communications market space.

2. Products Line:
ü ALLIANCE| Fast Asynchoronous SRAM
ü ALLIANCE| Low Power Async SRAM
ü ALLIANCE| ZMD Low Power Async SRAM
ü ALLIANCE| Synchoronous SRAM
ü ALLIANCE| Synchoronous DRAM (SDR)

3. Feature of Product:

Fast Asynchronous SRAMs
These are devices that typically operate in the sub 10 ~ 20 ns region. They are often used in
buffer memory applications, consumer products, etc. Fast asynchronous SRAMs have been
used for a long time and the market for these devices has matured to a stable level. The densityrange for these types of SRAMs is from the sub 64K to 4 Mb and have data words that aremostly configured as x8, x16.

Low Power SRAMs
These are devices that typically operate in the 45-ns and slower speed range. These SRAMs
are typically designed to consume very low power and are used in applications where power isa major concern. Applications for these SRAMs include digital signal processors (DSPs), PDAs,radios, pagers, consumer electronic products, etc.