+ What is SAASand the advantages of SAAS?
SAAS (Software as a service) is on-demand software in which the data is host centrally, using the web brower thru Internet.
SAAS includes accounting, collacoration, HRM, CRM, ERP….
+ SAAS Resources:
"Why SAAS?"
SAAS website
SAAS training
SAAS CRM is a “software-as-a-service customer relationship management”. This is the program can be used to manage your business line customer. Let’s try GNN services if CRM is available for your and decide to run CRM (SAAS) or not.
CRM (SAAS) is the effective solution to manage your business and your customers
CRM (SAAS) can be easily installed for your business. Before using Customer relationship management, you should be trained and found out what is the best feature that we should choose this solution.