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Our full time translation professionals have many years’ experience in translation covering different fields and technical content. We have provided translation services to companies and publishing houses in Ho Chi Minh city.
We do translation for the following pairs of languages, on a page-to-page basis or a monthly basis.
* English >< Vietnamese
* Chinese >< Vietnamese

Our translation work is through several processes:
Translating : to ensure the words and sentences are translated into precise meaning and complete sentences.
Examining and editing : verification and comparison of the original with the translated copy to re- check the meaning and sentence structure. To guarantee the translated copy has a clear and precise meaning expressed in a well presented and easily understood style.
The fields of translation we work are social science, education, culture, art, construction, architecture, business, economics, medicine, computer, ect…
Our team also offer interpreters to conference, seminars, meetings on business, science and technical subjects.
Please send us your material, we will send you a quote and the completion date.