Thiết bị đo Oxy hòa tan DO cầm tay Hanna HI 96732

Thiết bị đo Oxy hòa tan cầm tay-Thiết bị quang trắc cầm tay đo oxy hòa tan

Hãng sinh sản: HANNA

Xuất xứ: Romania

Model: HI96732

Dissolved oxygen photometer: Range 0.0 to 10.0 mg/L

Giá: can hệ 0977.459.400

máy đo oxy hòa tan hanna

Designed to support accurate, efficient testing

Lightweight and portable, the Hanna photometer for dissolved oxygen is ideal for applications where liquid sampling is required either in the lab or out in the field.

Delivering high precision results yet at the same time, simple to operate, this is a photometer that will provide consistent, reliable results

máy đo oxy hòa tan

Key features
  • Large clear display for easy readout
  • Content of dissolved oxygen in surface, feed, natural and waste water is measured in the 0.0 to 10.0 mg/L (ppm) range
  • For best results, the cuvette is made from special optical glass and benefits from a wide mouth for ease of sampling
  • GLP features
  • Automatic calibration check
  • Waterproof casing is ideal for use in the laboratory or out on location
  • Positive locking system ensures cuvette is positioned in the same place every time it is placed into the measurement cell
  • Useful timer function
  • Auto shut off to save battery life
  • Battery error prevention system to confirm functionality each and every time the instrument is switched on

Thiết bị đo Oxy hòa tan Hanna HI 96732
  • Reagent set for 100 tests: HI 93732-01
  • Set of 4 replacement cuvettes: HI 731331


0.0 to 10.0 mg/L (ppm)


0.1 mg/L (ppm)


±0.2 mg/L ±3% of reading

Light Source


Light Detector

Silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter @ 466 nm


Modified Winkler Method.