As a professional consultant, Present Legal understands that the integration provides the enterprises many opportunities to develop, as well as contains potential risks for the enterprises if they lack of consultancy from legal experts, especially in circumstance dealing with large and experienced competitors.
Common legal risks
- Internal dispute: labor contract dispute, dispute among shareholders and contributors, abusing the prestige to seize company’s asset….;
- External dispute: dispute on economics contract, arising bad debts...;
- Dispute with state agencies: tax dispute, social insurance, administrative violation…;
Damage caused by lack of knowledge on administrative procedures, policies on investment, export and import, tax…;
Why do you need to use Regular Consultancy service package?
- Low cost, high efficiency. When the Enterprise signs the contract of regular consulting with Present Legal for a reasonable price, it will immediately have a team full of professional lawyers with qualified profession on legal system to help the Enterprise to minimize risks and to dispute prevention occurring in manufacturing, business activities of the Enterprise and finally grasp the legal opportunities to develop the Enterprise in terms of scale and quality. Meanwhile, if the Enterprise develops and maintains consultant department or staffs, it will be difficult to meet all the requirements of the Enterprise arising during operation with low cost and high efficiency.
- More professional. We guarantee that a legal staff cannot be as professional as a team of professional lawyers. They cannot make an accurate, quick and effective decision to functional partners and agencies.
- Security, confidence and faster decisiveness. During the negotiation of important cases, barriers on psychology and lack of knowledge of the law cause many legal risks and damage is unavoidable. The Enterprise will feel confident, professional and secure with our lawyers.
- Not less convenient. We understand that the Enterprise may think that hiring a permanent employee will support the Enterprise anytime and anywhere while using our service is not convenient. Nevertheless, time is no longer an obstacle in the era of technology and media. We are committed to support the Enterprise anytime and anywhere.
With the motto “Our mission, your success” we are always together with the Enterprise through Regular Consultancy service, such as:
- Consulting and responding frequently all legal issues related to activities of the Enterprise (tax, contract, labor, export and import, investment, internal management, administrative procedure,…);
- Drafting and assist drafting all administrative documents;
- Consulting related issues to internal management of the Enterprise;
- Consulting regulations of the law on contracts, providing management solutions, practical solutions to customer in dealing and negotiating contract with partners;
- Considering the legality of the dossier, document, paper work drafted by client before and during the drafting process of signing the contract (or terminating the contract) with partners. Supporting customer or directly drafting contracts, dossiers and transaction documents;
- Consulting client on bargaining, negotiating, and performing contracts;
- Examining the legality of the dossier, documents released by enterprises to public or documents received by enterprises;
- Consulting resolution for internal and external dispute;
- Consulting resolution for handling bad debts;
- Advising legal risk prevention;
- Representing the Enterprise in settling the dispute with the third party;
- Updating and providing list of legal documents that are related to the Enterprise’s field of business activities periodically (week, month) via email, fax, mail;
- Special offer from 20% to 30% of the contract’s value when the two parties sign the consulting contract for the work required to deploy outside the scope of regular consultancy;
Let our experienced lawyers consult you regularly.
Forms of consultancy
- Consulting via email, fax, phone and dispatch;
- For cases that require lawyers’ participation, we will appoint a lawyer to participate in consulting and representing the Enterprise in negotiation, signing contracts, solving disputes at the Court, government agencies or any third party.
- Every month, in addition to forms of consulting above, we also devote two sessions to meet and to work directly with the Enterprise at the headquarter to summarize legal issues as required by the Enterprise.
Depending on the category and scale of operation, the work load or specified requirements of each Enterprise, after receiving the request Present Legal will have the analysis and work examination and offer consulting fees that are most suitable to the practical situation of each Enterprise.

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