Consulting Service Of Debt Recovery
With Present Legal service “Debt Recovery”, You the Enterprise will soon recover difficult debts, recent default debts, while maintaining good relationships with partners.
Please contact Present Legal as soon as you need to receive professional, reputable and effective consulting service.
During this period, the world economy in general and Vietnam economy in specific are trying to overcome the crisis. Facing due debts, past due debts and non-paid debt causes the Enterprise a lot of time, effort and focus to its business activity. Besides, capital appropriation and non-collected capital also influence the working capital of the Enterprise.
The Law Limited Company (Present Legal) is honored to introduce You the legal service “Debt Collection”. By its operations and a team of lawyers with many years’ experience, we will help the Enterprise to verify, consolidate, standardize profiles; identify, assess, making plans to minimize risk, reduce costs and debt recovery according to law.
Your Enterprise has contracts with overdue payment but partners still do not pay even though You have requested many times and the results are still unexpected?
What solution do you have to recover this debt quickly, prevent your partners from dispersing properties to escape from paying debt?
Please contact us before your debts become bad debts, impossible debt recovery.
Service details:
- Consulting and providing legal opinion on debt recovery;
- Representing the enterprise to contact customer for negotiation, persuasion and customer requirements to pay debts;
- Compiling the complaint, preparing profiles, documents and papers involved and participate in the proceedings in a competent court in where the debt is not resolved through negotiation.
- Appoint a lawyer to defend the legitimate rights and interests of the Enterprise in the People's Courts at all levels.
- Representing the Enterprise during execution process to require the Court to conduct court sentences with legal effect.

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