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Recently, the regulations on business registration have created favorable conditions for organizations and individuals in Vietnam to bring into play all resources of their business activities. After the establishment, the majority of enterprises does not notice, construct and discuss clearly the principles of working and management for the internal part of enterprises, leading to unclear responsibilities, property loss, no consensus of opinion and direction activities, and ultimately cause the dissolution, division and separation of enterprises. Therefore, the size and competiveness of enterprises are significantly reduced.
Content Service
- Consulting and drafting regulations of internal management for leaders in the Enterprise;
- Consulting and drafting regulations of personnel administration: regulations on recruiting employee and personnel training;
- Consulting and drafting regulations on salary and bonuses;
- Consulting and drafting regulations on financial management;
- Consulting and drafting regulations on managing economic contracts of the Enterprise;
- Consulting and drafting regulations on labor, discipline and awards;
- Consulting and drafting regulations on organizational management and other operating systems.
Process Steps
- Receiving documents, existing regulations of the Enterprise and relevant dossiers;
- Performing actual survey in the Enterprise;
- Constructing a roadmap of revising regulations with fee proposal and service contract;
- Signing the service contract and implementing the work;
- Draft number 1 on regulations, rules which is sent to the leader of the Enterprise for feedback;
- Receiving the feedback and conducting a meeting with the Enterprise to clarify the content of the feedback;
- Draft number 2;
- Receiving the feedback of Draft number 2;
- Completing the regulations and rules and sending them to the leader of the Enterprise for issuance.
Aiming goals:
- To ensure compliance with consistent development of the Enterprise;
- To ensure the transparency in management in order to prevent wasting asset, close link between the rights of the manager, the employee and business results;
- To ensure compliance with regulations of related laws;
- To ensure possibility at its highest level;
- To ensure uniformity among regulations;
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