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Our full time translation professionals have many years’ experience in translation covering different fields and technical content. We have provided translation services to companies and publishing houses in Ho Chi Minh city.
We do translation for the following pairs of languages, on a page-to-page basis or a monthly basis.
* English >< Vietnamese
* Chinese >< Vietnamese

Our translation work is through several processes:
The fields of translation we work are social science, education, culture, art, construction, architecture, business, economics, medicine, computer, ect…
INTERPRETATION: Our team also offer interpreters to conference, seminars, meetings on business, science and technical subjects.
Please send us your material, we will send you a quote and the completion date.


VNC Language School and Translation are designed for anyone who has an interest in knowing Vietnamese language, those who will arrive soon or are working and living in Vietnam now. Our proven teaching methods will help you communicate in Vietnamese in the shortest possible timeframe. We pledge to listen to your specific needs and to help you meet your goals.

We provide you Vietnamese Language Courses with programs majoring in conversation, business, import-export, technical issues, travelling.

Our programs allow you to choose the format that best suits your needs at our classrooms or your facilities.

- Intensive Vietnamese Courses
- Individual Vietnamese Lessons
- Group Vietnamese Courses
- Online courses

*** Programs of levels:
- Basic : 100 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)
- Higher basic : 100 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)
- Progressing : 200 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)
- Developing : 200 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)
- Fluency : 200 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)
- Expanding : 200 hours (2 x 50-hour courses)

*** Fee for one-to-one courses, beginning level, at our classroom or District 1:

For travellers and tourists:
Course of 10 hours: 11.00usd/ hour
Course of 20 hours: 10.50usd/hour

For long-term students:
Course of 35 hours: 10.00 usd/hour
Course of 50 hours: 9.50 usd/hour

* A cultural introduction can be taught as well as language skills. We not only teach Vietnamese but also would like to support you while in Vietnam by helping with what may be confusing to you.

* Gift hours for students and social work volunteers.
* No change of fee for old students.

637C Tran Hung Dao St., District 5, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tel: (08) 39246652/ 66780914/ 84 (0) 917 277169
Fax: (848) 39246652