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    Mặc định Vietnam hotel information; Vietnam visa information

    Vietnam hotel information; Vietnam visa information
    Công ty TNHH Du lịch Tuấn Linh cam kết đem lại cho khách hàng những thông tin du lịch chính xác, những dịch vụ tốt nhất. Chúng tôi cung cấp mọi dịch vụ du lịch cho khách du lịch trong lãnh thổ Việt Nam như chương trình du lịch trọn gói, đặt phòng khách sạn , thuê xe , đặt vé máy bay, tàu xe, …
    Tuan Linh Travel's goal is to deliver comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Vietnam. Keep coming back to stay informed about current Vietnam travel and living related issues and site updates.
    Vietnam has exerted itself to be a favorite destination of more and more tourists. There's a Hanoi elegant with friendly people, a Sapa with colorful-dressed minorities, a Halong Bay with amazing caves listed on UNESCO World Heritage. There's a Hue romantic with palace and rain, a tranquil Hoi An where you can have clothes made in one day, a Da Nang dynamic by Han river. There's a Nha Trang with best bays of the world, a Saigon busy and modern like Newyork, a Mekong cruise trip with fascinating floating market. The North, Centre, and South of Vietnam all bear a deep cultural trace, which remains in tourists' memories for years. With everything from mountains to seas, from cold to hot weather, from city to countryside, Vietnam has everything you may come up with!

    Travel to Vietnam with useful information: Vietnam travel information; Vietnam tour information; Vietnam hotel information; Vietnam visa information, Vietnam flight information
    Our Vietnam travel services: Vietnam tour services, Vietnam visa services, Vietnam air ticket services, Vietnam car services, Mekong cruise services, Vietnam hotel booking
    Vietnam travel from Europe

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    Traveling to Vietnam - Do You Need a Vietnam Visa?
    Planning Ahead

    Do you need a
    visa vietnam?

    If you're planning to travel on vacation anywhere in the world, you should always check out the visa and other requirements that your country of destination may need before allowing you to enter. Vietnam is no exception, but as long as you arrive prepared you shouldn't have any problems.

    The other thing you need to confirm is that your passport is valid and that you have enough room in it for any visas or stamps that you will need!

    Who Needs A
    Vietnam Visa?

    Vietnam has some good reciprocal agreements in place with a number of different countries which means that, if you're lucky enough to come from one of these locations, you can book your holiday to Vietnam without needing to apply for a Vietnam visa.

    In this case, once you land at Tokyo Narita International Airport or one of the other major airports around the country, you will need to get a landing permission stamp in your passport as you pass through immigration.

    There are some landing requirements that are now a necessary part of getting your landing permission. Essentially you will be asked to provide immigration with a set of your fingerprints and a photo. It's very quick and easy to do and you will do it as you enter the country. On average it takes me about 3 minutes to go through this process.

    Whatever your feelings about this particular part of the immigration process, please be aware that this procedure is not an option. If you want to enter Vietnam it is mandatory so arguing about this one is not going to get you anywhere.

    If your country is not eligible for landing permission status you will need to check with the Japanese Embassy what the particular requirements for entry are as they differ for each country.

    Planning On Staying Longer? Want To Study Or Work?

    If you are visiting Vietnam for anything other than a vacation then you will need to apply for the appropriate Vietnam visa. The
    Ministry of Foreign for Vietnam lists the different kinds of visas available and includes downloadable PDFs of the paperwork you will need to fill out with guidelines.

    Whether you're looking to study, work full time, or want to take advantage of a working holiday agreement that certain countries have established with Japan, you must prepare well in advance.

    Make sure you arrive with all the necessary documentation required as any failure to do this may well mean that you are not able to enter the country. You'll be put on a flight back home which you will also have to pay for. Not the Vietnam visa result you're looking for!

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